Email from Shelley Sayers in Feb 2008
Tours on Earth: Part 16a: 2007 Aug~Sep: Tour of Puerto Rico, Caribbean Cruise:
Shelley Sayers & Her Family
Photo taken by Shelley Sayers on 2007 Thanksgiving: Shelley and Mom
In Memory of Peggy Piemons, Gracious and Courageous Lady we met on the 2007 August~September Caribbean Cruise,
along with Harold Piemons, Her Husband, and Shelley Sayers, Her Daughter.
Peggy Passed Away on December 4, 2007.
God Bless Peggy in Heaven
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This is Shelley Sayers, HP's daughter. (from Caribbean Cruise)  I have tried to write you several times and your e-mail return undeliverable.  I am so happy you wrote
again. I hope you receive this e-mail.  I have so much I want you to share with you, Daisy, Gordan, & Alice.

When we went on the cruise my Mother (Peggy) was given only 6 months to live she had pancreatic cancer.  We did not share it with the group because Mom wanted
to live life to the fullest and not act or behave sick she did.  After the cruise she was so refreshed and you would never have known she was sick.  She continued to go
to church every week and even attended a Christmas Part 2 days before she passed on December the 4th and was buried on the 7th.

I spent every day with her and we had a wonderful time putting together her pictures, watching the cruise video, shopping, visiting with friends and more.  God really
blessed her life.  My Dad (HP) is very lonely and he is having a difficult time but he is moving through it.  I am devastated to lose my Mother but thrilled that we had such
quality time together.

My mother spoke of all of you often.  Did you know that the cruise was the first time she had California rolls and we ate them when we returned to Texas.  You really
helped in making my Moms last vacation a wonderful time for her.  She had just a desire to do the boat trip that you spoke about but her energy would not allow for
another trip.

Please write me back and let me know you got this.  I hope you enjoy your trip.  Here is a great picture from the cruise.  ALso a picture from Thanksgiving.  SHe died
only a few weeks later.

Shelley K. Sayers
Strategic Sales Solutions
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