Friends' Writings   朋友文章   朋友文章
Pi-Twan Huang   黃碧端
Articles written by Pi-Twan Huang.
Yaw-Tsong Lee  李耀宗
Articles and books written and
translated by Yaw-Tsong Lee.
Mark Yang 楊照崑
Articles written by Mark Yang.
Bobby Chen 陳榮庚
Articles written by Bobby Chen.
Daisy Lee 黃菊齡:   

Written by Daisy Lee in 1965.
Zhaoying Joanne Peng
昭英:   追憶大哥
Written by Zhaoying Joanne Peng in
remembrance of Zhaoheng Peng,
her big brother.
Leo Liang 梁欽曙:
Written by Leo Liang on the subject
of organization.
Don Baron related
articles 柏大恩  相關文章
Written by a number of people during
mid-1960s. These articles were
focused on Don Baron, Bill Lee's
roommate at Lutheran Student Hostel
in 1961.
Margaret Hsia 夏本英:  
Written by Margaret Hsia in Jan 2005.
Margaret is a friend of Bobby Chen
and was Bobby's classmate in
elementary school.
Robert Li 李重寶  竹師附
Written by Robert Li 李重寶 (來源:美洲
Yue-Che Wang 王玉麒
Articles written by Yue-Che Wang 王玉

John CW Chou 周宗武
325 Senior Executive Club 成立十週年
Rev. Thomas Yu 俞繼斌院

The Meaning of Baptism 洗禮的意義
Click for larger view of 2006~2007
Christmas & New Year greetings from
Leo Liang and family.
Click for larger view of 2006~2007
Christmas & New Year greetings from
Yue-Che Wang and family.
Articles written by I-Ping Chung 鍾一

I-Ping Chung Writings   
Ivy Lee  楊重芬
Articles written by Ivy Lee.
Articles written by Ted Lee 李燦宗
Ted Lee Writings   李燦
Chester Chen 陳鎮國 陈
Articles written by Chester Chen.
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Linda Liu 陳緒珞 陈绪珞
Articles written by Linda Liu 陳緒珞   
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Articles written by Alex Wu  吳錡   吴锜

Alex Wu Writings   吳錡