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Marbella Spectator: Bill Daley's Hummer: gone, but not forgotten!
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Bill Daley's Hummer: gone, but not forgotten!


About three years ago, there was a new arrival at the Marbella home of William and Dorothy Daley. It was a bright yellow Hummer given to Bill on his birthday by one of
the Daley’s three sons (two of whom are San Diego attorneys). I instinctively smiled each time I saw Bill driving his birthday present. I thought it was bright enough to
glow in the dark. I admired Bill’s youthful spirit, and thought he set a good example in a community of individuals 55 years of age or older. Although Bill has recently
sold his Hummer, it lives on in the memories of every Marbella resident who saw it. I thought it deserved a place in the Marbella Spectator. (Click on the photos of the
Daleys and Hummer for enlargement).

As many people living in Oaks North know, Dorothy Daley is a friendly and lively person who has served for years on the Oaks North Community Center Architectural
Committee for Houses. She is also a member of the Oaks North Ceramics Club. Dottie is a very creative person, and she produces museum quality masterpieces,
some of which resemble Egyptian artifacts she and Bill have seen in their trips around the world. I do not know if she sells her works of art, but I am confident that she
could command high prices for them.

If you believe age is a state of mind, look for more surprises from the Daleys in the years to come. They are truly young at heart.
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From: John Ellis
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 9:41 PM
Subject: Marbella Spectator updates; Vote "Yes" on the Ballot to Amend Declaration

Marbella neighbors:

Recent postings to the Marbella Spectator include a special tribute to William and
Dorothy Daley, information about a Community Clean Up Day, and Marbella Board
Meeting minutes.  You may view the updated Marbella Spectator by clicking on:

For whatever it is worth, the currently proposed amendment to the Declaration
meets my objection to the first proposal made in March.  I encourage members to
vote "Yes".

John Ellis
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From: William Daley Jr
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Subject: Fwd: Marbella Spectator updates; Vote "Yes" on the Ballot to Amend

Hi:  Check this our, it was in our neighborhood e-mail to all residents.  Let us know
what you think.  Love  

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