Happy Birthday, Cynthia!
Part 07: 1972 ~ 1974
Cynthia with Mom in front yard of newly purchased Bos Street house in Cerritos,
Cynthia with Mom and Dad at X'mas time!
Cynthia talking to Grandma (Wai-Po) on the phone!
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Cynthia with Kenneth and Auntie Alice in Cerritos!
Cynthia at Disneyland in Anaheim with Uncle Xiao-Yuan and
Auntie Ivy!
Cynthia with Ken and Mom and Dad in Anaheim Disneyland!
Cynthia in Disneyland little Kenneth and Mom and Auntie Alice!
Cynthia with Mom and Dad and Kenneth on a trip to Santa Barbara!
Cynthia with Kenneth in front yard of Hampton Court house in Cerritos, California
Cynthia with Kenneth in backyard of Hampton Court house in Cerritos, California!
Trip to San Diego when Grandma and Grandpa came visiting from Taiwan!
Cynthia with Grandma and Grandpa in living room of Hampton Court house in Cerritos!
Cynthia with Kenneth in San Diego!
Cynthia with Kenneth, Mom and Dad in Huntington Library Garden!
Cynthia with Kenneth on top of Chevrolet Vega in front of house on Hampton Court in