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Timeout Shanghai
recommended by Betty Waung, whose daughter Blessing in Shanghai is working for Timeout Shanghai
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Timeout Shanghai
Welcome to Timeoutshanghai.com: An introduction to our brand new website
Last update: 2011-6-17 16:18:33

Dear reader,

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome you to the brand new Time Out Shanghai website, which we hope will help you get the best out of this city. Like our magazine, the
website is a critical guide to what’s going on in Shanghai, written independently and honestly by a team of experts.  

Although the editorial values of the magazine and the website are the same, the website is very much its own entity. It is packed with the best events, interviews, reviews,
listings and features, all presented in a clean, user-friendly way.

The focus on the site is on events, so that you can clearly see the best things to do in town on any given day. We only put the best events up there, so you can put your
weekend plans in our hands and know that you’re going to be doing the very best the city has to offer.

We have extensive venue listings, from restaurants to bars, spas, hotels and galleries, all sorted critically – if you just want to see our favourite places, click on the critic’s
choice tabs. If you want to comment yourself, you don’t have to log in – just give us your email address (we won’t spam you) and tell us what you think.

We also have the advantage of access to reviews and features from the entire network of Time Outs around the world. So not only do we have book, film and album reviews
written by world class experts, but we have interviews with international superstars – see Lady Gaga in our music section.

Another area that we’ve focused on is our Visiting Shanghai section, a series of sharp features written for visitors to the city. There’s a dearth of really good information
online for travellers to Shanghai, and most of the guidebooks are out-of-date within months of being published. Hopefully, we’ll get visitors out doing the really good stuff.

But, really, it’s up to you to have a look and judge for yourself. Hopefully, you don’t need much in the way of instruction on how to use the site – we hope it will be intuitive and
simple to use. Obviously, we’re brand new and adding venues all the time, so we’re very keen to hear feedback – if you have suggestions for the site, or want to point out
anything that we’ve missed, please email website.shanghai@timeoutcn.com.

We also now have a weekly newsletter, and we’re on both Twitter and Weibo. Follow us at @TimeOutShanghai and @TimeOutShanghai英文.

On a final note, I’d like to say a huge thanks to web editor Claire Slobodian and assistant web editor Blessing Waung, who have worked round the clock to get this website
launched, and who will be keeping it up to date with the very best stuff going. They’ve shown patience, intelligence and class throughout.

We’ve also had an incredibly impressive bunch of interns, who have done a lot of the hard information-gathering and photo-gathering – Melissa Chen, Lauren Furniss, Kate
Haresnape, Zhang Jintian, Casey Kwon, Barry Kramer, Anne Lykes, Tiffany Smith, Dan Speer, Courtney Tight, Joanne Toh, Celine Wu and Elizabeth Wu. Without their
excellent contribution, this website wouldn’t be here.

As for you, the reader, I hope you enjoy the site.

Toby Skinner

Editor, Time Out Shanghai