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Tommy's Window Powerpoints
received from Ellen HY Chang
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Power Point Paradise
received from Ellen HY Chang
God's ways
If I were the Devil
Give God Time
The tumbling barrel
Trust God Anyhow
The Vessel
True Values
Thank You Lord!
A new year prayer
A Surfing Story
The Eternal Chain Of Love
Where Jesus Lives
I heard the bells
Prayer Power-- 660 K
The Prince of Peace-- 837 KB
God Outdoes Himself!-- 835 KB
The Essence of Christmas-- 1.2 MB
Prayer Power-- 660 KB
Finding Beauty in the Collage of Life -- 1 MB
He Dies Slowly Change or Perish -- 500 KB
GIVING THANKS Thanksgiving-- 770 KB
Words Of Wisdom-- 1.19 MB
I think of you-- 1.17 MB
Lesson from a Robin-- 750 KB
The Chained Eagle-- 1 MB
Argument Against Arguments-- 560 KB
Loving Presentation- 645 KB
Not My Imagination -- 570 KB
Modern 1 Corinthians 13 -- 423 KB
The Art of Being Positive with music.-- 590 K
Who's Packing Your Parachute? with music.-- 400 K
The Prayer of St. Francis. with music.-- 580 K
Rain Clouds with music-- 730 K
Be Thankful with music-- 570 K
The Beyond with music.-- 880 K
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