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T. Dan Yuan fine art  Photography
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About T Dan Yuan
Most photographers are drawn to the art of photography because they are enticed by the idea of capturing
elements in the world that awe and inspire them. For me, I was drawn to the beauty found in nature, and how I
feel when I am able to partake in the visual feast that is the outdoor wilderness. Photography, for me, is
purely and simply a means to capture the beauty of the natural landscape at its best moments.

I was born and raised in Taiwan, and came to the United States to acquire an advanced degree in
engineering.  Through my studies and working career, photography was a constant passion and interest.  
After working for many years as an engineer and learning about and practicing photography on the side, I
decided to retire and pursue photography full time.

I have traveled extensively, both within the United States and abroad, gathering images of landscape and
nature.  I work with a 4x5 inch large format film camera and a digital camera.  My goal is to create images
using the 4x5 film camera as much as possible without sacrificing my chances for capturing the transient
and magical moment of a scene.

I hope that when you view my photography, it will invoke the same feeling of love and appreciation for the
beauty in nature as I feel.
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