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Chinese American Heroes Website
received from David Chai
Chinese American Heroes
Executive Summary

It is indisputable that Chinese Americans have made significant contributions to
America and the world at large. However, the contributions, and especially the
persons making these contributions, are not well known, often not even to
Chinese Americans themselves. Our contributions, from building of the
Transamerica railroads to major research and development in all areas of science
and technology to multi-media in arts and music, are either unknown, or
forgotten. Even President Clinton “knew that the Chinese Americans have made
major contributions to US prowess in science and technology, but had no idea
what they really have done” in a remark to Charlie Sie, then Vice Chairman of
Committee-100 in a meeting on June 7, 1999.

The Chinese American Heroes organization was conceived and created in 2006.
Its mission is to use the tremendous flexibility of the Internet to document all
significant contributions by Chinese Americans in every field of endeavor, and to
make them easily accessible by all, through its web site:
ChineseAmericanHeroes.org. It was recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt, non-
profit organization as defined in Tax Code (26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3) effective July 31,
2006. As a non-profit organization, it will look to many volunteers and
philanthropists to make this project possible, so that future generations of
Chinese Americans will proudly know their Heroes. We would also like to share
the contributions of our Heroes with the rest of the world.

Besides the volunteers, we expect to hire full/part time researchers in major cities
with large Chinese American populations to discuss and interview with
community leaders to document their “local” Heroes. Each candidate Hero will
have a one-page description, with many Internet links to other sources for more
detailed contributions. Not every candidate can be considered a Hero; however,
the main purpose of the organization is to provide a large database of Chinese
Americans who have made some worthwhile contribution to America from her/his
effort. We will not limit the number of Heroes; however, a pool of volunteer
experts in the appropriate and relevant fields will be recruited to make judgment
on the contribution(s) of the candidates. We also will not limit the number of fields
or categories of Heroes, as that may change with time.

Those who are not designated as Heroes will be readily accessible on our
website, as they can be role models to inspire our youth. We also want to
document our younger generation Chinese Americans, who have made some
achievements in their young lives, such as National Merit Scholars or
valedictorians in their schools. We can follow them as they blossom to significant
contributors. The web site will carry significant historical information for certain
days or events. For example, on July 4th, we will honor those military Heroes
who sacrificed their lives for America. On September 11th, we will honor, for
example, Betty Ong and Zack Zeng, two people who perished in service to their
country. In March we may honor Iris Chang on her birthday, and recap her
extraordinary life and monumental literary achievements. On Asian Heritage
Month in May, we may have a special write-up of the event recognizing the
contributions by Chinese Americans and other Asian Americans.
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