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V!VA TRAVEL GUIDES Website   received from Betty Waung, Blessing Waung
Have you had a V!VA List Experience?  Tell the world about your absolute favorite travel story, and get it
published in V!VA List World, due to be published in April 2008.

Here's how to do it:

1) Open a V!VA List account here

2) Write about your most loved travel experiences in the form of a 300-500 word story and submit it, along with
your best photos to the V!VA List Editors.

3) Don't forget to check the writers and photographers guidelines

4) If it's chosen for inclusion in the book, you'll earn royalties on contributed texts and photos, or have your
royalties donated to charity

About V!VA List World
The V!VA List series is a way for travelers to share travel experiences and have their stories and photographs
published in our award-winning books. V!VA List World is
seeking out the most exhilarating individual
experiences on the planet, written in a
way that readers will feel the passion and excitement of a place without
ever leaving
their living rooms!

Is your story V!VA List worthy?
Been to a place or had an experience so exhilarating that, if given the opportunity again, you'd conceivably plan
your entire trip around it? Know of an exotic nook of the
planet that we don't, or traveled a known hotspot like the
Taj Mahal in a way no one
else has? Can you tell your story in such a way that it brings out the character and
passion of your experience and transports the reader there? If so, get started now!  

Have questions? Feel free to write us at editors(at)remove-this.vivatravelguides.com
Viva List World: 333 Most Loved Travel Experiences on the plane
Chelsea Bar & Restaurant    by Blessing Waung
Yacu Amu Rafting  by Blessing Waung
Bertini Tours  by Blessing Waung
Marite Tour  by Blessing Waung
Instituto Superior de Espanol by Blessing Waung
Foccacia by Blessing Waung
Dragonfly by Blessing Waung
Seseribó  by Blessing Waung
Macondo  by Blessing Waung
Strawberry Fields Forever  by Blessing Waung
Gruyere de Fondue  by Blessing Waung
Suzette  by Blessing Waung
Q  by Blessing Waung
Zócalo  by Blessing Waung
Mumbaio  by Blessing Waung
Papillon Disco by Blessing Waung
Kafeina by Blessing Waung
La Bunga by Blessing Waung
Tours Unlimited by Blessing Waung
Andean Study Programs by Blessing Waung
Apu Inty Spanish School by Blessing Waung
El Dorado Plaza Hotel by Blessing Waung
Hotel Acosta by Blessing Waung
Hotel Maranon by Blessing Waung
Hotel El Dorado by Blessing Waung
Hostal Ambasador by Blessing Waung
Hostal Jhuliana by Blessing Waung
Mommy´s Itinerary for Ecuador    by Blessing Waung
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