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2007 AZN Asian Excellence Awards    received from John Pien
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From: John Pien
To: Distribution
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 8:19 AM
Subject: FW: urgent!!! Vote w/ your Remote -2007 Asian Excellence Awards: Thur 6pm E!

Hi, Dad,
Please support Asian Americans in the entertainment industry! Watch the
awards on E! and pass this email along...

Sue Ann

Vote w/ ur Remote -2007 Asian Excellence Awards: Thur 6pm E!

Hey guys,

We need your support!!

The 2007 Asian Excellence Awards will be airing on E! Entertainment TOMORROW night, Wed, May 24th at
6pm, with a full version airing on AZN Television on Monday. May 28th, 8pm.

This is the MOMENT we've all been working SO hard over the years to get to: to be recognized NATIONALLY
as ASIAN AMERICANS for the FIRST TIME EVER, to 100 million homes across the country. And unless the
show gets a GREAT NIELSEN number, and Comcast (the parent company) realizes that Asians = $$$, THIS
MOMENT may never come again.

So let your voice be heard! Help us spread the word, forward this email, and turn on your TV. So many times,
we wait till crises or tragedies hit to come together. Let's take this opportunity to come out in support of
something positive, a CELEBRATION. All of Hollywood's greatest came out in their support, please show yours


Welly Yang
Creator/Executive Producer
Asian Excellence Awards

It is absurd to say that the age of miracles has past.  It has not yet begun. -- Oscar Wilde
Email from John Pien
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