Special Websites Recommended By Friends: Set 001
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清明上河圖: recommended by 黃碧端 Pi-Twan Huang
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自動放映. 全長 9 分鐘
The painting has been reprocessed into an animation GIF file, consisting of 10 consecutive frames,
each of which lasts for 222 milliseconds.
The following is an overview of the whole painting.
The following consists of 3 segments of the painting.
100 位攝影師眼中非洲的一天: recommended by 黃碧端 Pi-Twan Huang
100 位攝影師眼中非洲的一天 這是 OLYMPUS 網頁上所提供的作品集 ,  
是以幻燈片的形式呈現,  並且搭配音樂 , 很值得欣賞!
左邊一共有十個選項可以挑,分別代表十個不同的地點 , 下方是放映與暫停鍵 , 當滑鼠離開螢幕 , 則會在畫面上出現該城市的簡介
.. 請您慢慢欣賞 ~~
22年前   明天會更好   MTV: recommended by Linda Chiu
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聽完這首MTV心裡感觸良多...... 真是歲月催人老啊!這首歌見證了我們的成長,
也對照著兩段時空的差異不自覺懷抱著青春美夢的慘綠青少年, 也都步入了華髮壯年......
看到身邊很多事業夥伴成功致富,也看到在社會各個角落, 許多人過得很不好,心中感慨萬千......,
由衷的希望所有生活在這片土地上的人們, 都有明天會更好的希望,且能實現 ~ 明天會更好~
2007/01/01 台北 101 大樓跨年煙火秀: recomended by Bill Chow & Tina Chow
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From: Tina Chow
To: Bill Lee ; Robert Li
Sent: Monday, January 01, 2007 10:53 AM
Subject: Fwd: New Year file works at 101

Did anybody send you this file.
Happy New Year!

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From: Chow Bill
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Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2006 5:21 PM
Subject: New Year file works at 101

Last night, I went outside to see the fire works. Only saw the top of
the building. If you want to see the whole thing, take a look at this
web site


Happy New Year, Uncle Bill

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From: Robert Li
To: Tina Chow
Cc: Bill Lee
Sent: Monday, January 01, 2007 2:22 PM
Subject: New Year file works at 101

Dear Tina :
This is gorgeous, Thanks a lot.
Happy New Year and all Dreams come true.

Best Regards,
Robert Li
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