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Andy Yang  楊學智, Nephew of Eashy Yang
Andy Yang's Website
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Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 5:16 AM
Subject: Re: Eashy Yang's Photos 楊亞獅

G'day Uncle Bill,

Apprecaited with your willing to share and I will definately link the site and credit it back to once I have got time to finish.

I am surprised with the abettera website as there is an enormous time and effort involved to construct and maintain the site.

I have not yet visited America and don't know much about the difference between these two conutries but I believe it must have been an impressive tour visiting southern
hemisphere. I work flexible hours and may be next time you visit, I can be your local guide.

Once again, thank you, Uncle Bill and appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Andy Yang

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Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 3:07 PM
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Hello, Andy!
I'm terribly sorry for the delay in response, because I don't know why but I only got hold of your email today while in the process of cleaning my Outlook Express email files!
Please do! Go ahead and use whatever you think proper! Let me know so that I can create on a link to that site. I also will create a link to your www. site.
My apologies in the late response and best wishes!
How's Australia? We had a tour of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in Aug~Sep last year (
God bless and you take care!
Bill Lee or Uncle Bill

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From: Andy - Attraction Technologies
Sent: 2007
13 12:20 AM
Subject: re: Eashy Yang's Photos


Andy Yang。楊亞獅是我的大伯。
看到我大伯在 許多珍貴的相片資料不禁聲淚俱下。感謝您!而我想在用網站來紀念我大伯。您不會介意我拿來用於eashy.com的網站吧。先給您打聲招呼,以免失


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