NTU 台灣大學 1964
2014-01-19: Chatsworth: Little reunion among 3 NTU-EE classmates:
intai Pao (鮑敏泰), Song T. Huang (黃嵩德), Bill Lee (李偉宗)
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The last time we met was on 2011-06-09 (with Song Huang) or before (with Min-Tai Pao). Each little reunion is a
precious get-together among people who have known each other for a very long time. We had a pleasant chat, with
the spouses participating, about all kinds of things, the past as well as the present. I’ve added Song Huang to my list
of spiritual teachers, w
hich now includes Leonard Li and Pastor Thomas Yu. By the way, this occasion was also a
little reunion among three 溫州同鄉 (Min-tai and his wife
Wei-Shou 維秀 and my wife Daisy 菊齡).
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