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Dear friends,

It is so nice to hear from an old friend. Chester, your letter is very interesting. I am glad that you
still maintain the same spirit 40 years ago, a leader knows no failure. We look forward to seeing
what 選出「中華第一美女」means.

We knew that 陳鎮國 would accomplish something unusual when we were at Lutheran Student
House. At that time, he was working to two projects: Self-strengthening movement and young
boys and girls society. Both of them were very successful, especially the second one. No one
expected that so many girls would pay fees to join the boys to play in the parks. In addition,
Chester made a  fortune out of this.

李小慈怎麼會嫁給揚照崑? What a strange tone! :-)  I have been looking for the answer too.
What did Bob tell you? It's God's blessing for putting us together and things have worked out very
well. My oldest daughter has a webpage with some family pictures at

I hope that some other friends will also share with us some their family photos, not just the old
ones at the Lutheran House when we were single. One picture is better than a thousand words,
right? In one respect, only the wives, kids and kids' kids are news.

Bill, thanks for the website. There are many more Lutheran Student Housemates not on this e-mail

Mark (揚照崑)
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