This gadget has been developed in Japan by Olympus Corporation that is one of
the leaders in producing cameras. At first we had just usual cameras to take simple
pictures, and then we got ability to make panoramic pictures by taking a few shots.
Now we can make a surround panoramic shot with this lens.

The lens gives you a 360 degrees view and besides that it gives you a 45 degree
vertical visibility. This effect was made possible by a special free-curved design that
is axially symmetrical.



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360 Degree Lens Makes Surround Photography and Projection Possible   Olympus研發可360度攝影與投影的鏡片
received from Pi-Twan Huang 黃碧端
360 Degree Lens Makes Surround Photography
and Projection Possible
文/張志裕 (編譯) 2007-07-09

In such a lens the incoming light is being reflected and refracted in such a way that it creates a perfect panorama view of the surrounding area. You will be able to see all
around on such a picture. And here is how a beam of light goes inside this lens:

A very good property of that lens is that the process can go in reverse direction, which means that you can project pictures and 3D movies right in your room on the walls,
ceiling and floor.

These features make the lens extremely useful in photography and projection. It can be mounted as a normal lens to projectors and cameras. This gadget will allow making
both usual and 360 degree panoramic pictures at amazing quality. In fact here is a picture of a camera with 360 degree lens built in.

In future this will make possible downloading a surround picture of a museum room, or some landscape and project it to your room. It will make you feel like you are right
there. Besides, this way you will be able to change the style of your room every day.

It is an extremely practical gadget and can be used in security cameras, 3D cinemas etc. We will all be waiting for 360 degree lens to come out.
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