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Philips unveils ‘Rollable Display’ pocket e-Reader concept Readius at IFA 2005 能曲能伸真神奇!5 吋捲軸螢幕手機問世
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Philips unveils ‘Rollable Display’
pocket  e-Reader concept Readius at
IFA 2005

Fully Functional, Mobile e-Reader Demonstrates
Viability of Rollable-display Concept

Berlin, Germany -- Building on its leading
position in rollable displays and drawing on its
considerable heritage in personal electronics,
Philips Polymer Vision is revealing its Concept
Readius at the Internationale Funkausstellung
(IFA) in Berlin, Germany, September 2-7. Philips
Concept Readius is a prototype of a connected
consumer device for business professionals
unwilling to sacrifice readability, mobility,
performance, or weight in a pocket-sized, e-
reader concept.
Polymer Vision does not intend to commercialize this concept as a product in the
market. Instead, it is demonstrating the fitness of its rollable displays for use in the
mobile devices of tomorrow.

The Readius is the world’s first prototype of a functional electronic-document reader
that can unroll its display to a scale larger than the device itself. With four gray
levels, the monochrome, 5-inch QVGA (320 pixels x 240 pixels) display provides
paper-like viewing comfort with a high contrast ratio for reading-intensive
applications, including text, graphics, and electronic maps. Using a bi-stable
electrophoretic display effect from E Ink Corp., the display consumes little power
and is easy to read, even in bright daylight. Once the user has finished reading, the
display can be rolled back into the pocket-size
(100 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm) device.

Based on Philips Polymer Vision’s PV-QML5 rollable display reference design, the
Readius was created in order to demonstrate the viability of the rollable-display
concept in mobile applications and to gain customer feedback at the IFA 2005.

“Making displays thinner and flexible will have advantages in power and weight. But
the only way to add the key advantage of size—allowing larger displays in smaller,
pocket-size mobile devices—is by actually making the displays rollable,” says
Polymer Vision CEO Karl McGoldrick. “The Readius demonstrates this, as well as
showing that we have taken this technology a major step further towards product
and market.”

READIUS is a trademark belonging to Koninklijke Philips.

High-resolution photographs can be downloaded from:

For more information:

Philips Concept READIUS™ uses a display that can be unrolled for comfortable

For media inquiries, please contact
Philips Polymer Vision / Communications Department Philips Research
Hans Driessen
Tel.: +31 40 2746692
Mobile: +31 6 22409160

About Royal Philips Electronics
Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is a global
leader in healthcare, lifestyle and technology, delivering products, services and
solutions through the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”. Headquartered in
the Netherlands, Philips employs approximately 124,300 employees in more than
60 countries worldwide. With sales of EUR 27 billion in 2006, the company is a
market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems,
energy efficient lighting solutions, personal care and home appliances, as well as
consumer electronics. News from Philips is located at
能曲能伸真神奇! 5 吋捲軸螢幕手機問世

【2007-02-14】 隸屬飛利浦集團的 Polymer Vision 在 3GSM 發表了這款很怪異的手機:
Readius,配備 5 吋超大螢幕,體積卻比同樣有超大螢幕的 Dopod U1000 小十倍,上衣口

[文字‧攝影/胡皓勛 構圖/朱法奇]
一般來說,手機螢幕達 2 吋以上,我們就叫它「大螢幕」手機,但有些人可不這麼想。
隸屬飛利浦集團的 Polymer Vision,在 3GSM 發表了這款很不一樣的手機:Readius,配
備 5 吋超大螢幕,體積卻比同樣有超大螢幕的 U1000 小十倍,可以輕鬆放到口袋裡帶著
Readius 本來是閱讀電子書的裝置,先前已在各大展覽中露面,不過今日它添加通信功
能,而且真的準備量產上市!此機外型像塑膠盒,三圍 100 x 55.6 x 21 mm,體重則有
150 g,可二段式橫向翻開,將手機完全向外轉二圈就能看見 5 吋大的橫向螢幕,是專為
Readius 螢幕為 16 灰階度顯示,具備 320 x 240 pixels 的解析力,軟質螢幕類似最近很紅
的 MOTOFONE F3,看起來很像紙張,而且不怕強光,就算太陽直射也能清晰辨識螢幕
上的字樣。和動輒萬元、擁有千萬色螢幕卻又「見光死」的 Feature Phone 比起來,
Readius 可說是大獲全勝。
手機操作仰賴左邊這根黑色手把,它有五顆軟體鍵和藍光 LED 指示燈,用手指一點就能
新添加的手機功能,讓 Readius 更有賣點,畢竟沒有幾個人會因為看電子書而買一個上
萬元的傢伙。Readius 支援 3G、WLAN 雙模雙網,內建 4 GB 記憶體(可依客戶需求調
整容量),有 MP3 播放器、3.5 mm 耳機孔與 mini USB 埠,拜灰階螢幕所賜,Readius 一
般使用可連續 10 天不充電,省電又耐用。
Readius 支援電子書、PDF、Email 和各種文字類型檔案,可正常顯示圖表、圖形和曲線
圖,還能玩當紅的 RSS Feeds 與 Podcasts,資訊功能應有盡有。據 Polymer Vision 人員表
示,Readious 即將在三月與義大利電信合作推出,將是全球第一款配備可彎曲螢幕的手
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