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Fujitsu Announces the New 'U Series' of Tablet-Convertible Notebook PCs :
富士通推出世界最小旋轉摺疊式 PC  
received from Pi-Twan Huang 黃碧端
文/張志裕 (編譯) 2007-05-17

FMV-U8240重約580g、厚度26.5mm,該產品列入富士通Ultra Mobile PC中的U系列品牌,


該產品列入富士通Ultra Mobile PC中的U系列品牌,並且搭載今年4月Intel發布的最新平台
Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007,OS可選擇安裝Windows XP Professional或Windows Vista

pitch)與1.3mm按鍵敲擊力道(key stroke),資訊安全方面由指紋感應器與專用資安晶
片組把關,並加入可限制USB與燒錄機存取特定資料的Portshutter V2軟體,使用者也可


FMV-U8240將在6月中旬正式出貨,配備Intel Processor A110(800mMHz)處理器、20GB
硬碟與100BASE-TX網路模組,記憶體可選擇512MB或1GB DDR2 SDRAM,售價14萬
Fujitsu Announces the New 'U Series' of Tablet-Convertible
Notebook PCs, the World's Smallest in its Class

Weighing only 580g, with a 5.6" widescreen LCD in a small, light body, new ultra-
mobile PCs offer advanced mobility and style for business users

Tokyo, May 16, 2007 — Fujitsu Limited today announced the addition of the U Series
of ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) to its FMV-LIFEBOOK line of notebook PCs. Intended
for business users, the U Series is the world's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC(1),
weighing only 580g and with a thickness of only 26.5mm. The new series is
available as of today. Combining the usability advantages of a UMPC with robust
security features, the U Series has wide-ranging appeal as a powerful mobile

Figure1:The FMV-U8240: The world's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC

Larger View
Fujitsu was quick to adopt the "Intel® Ultra Mobile Platform 2007," announced in
April 2007 in the new FMV-U8240, which, with an ultra-slim profile and a weight of
only 580g, represents the next level in ubiquitous computing. With advanced
communications and security features, the U Series gives users the freedom to
work wherever and whenever they choose, encourages new ways of working, and
promotes field innovation, which improves productivity on the front lines of business.

"The Fujitsu UMPC combines Fujitsu's systems expertise with Intel's low power
processor and chipset," said Anand Chandrasekher, Senior VP Intel Corp and GM
Ultra Mobility Group. "The emerging UMPC category delivers the functionality of the
PC and full Internet to users who are constantly on the go in ultra light and small
form factors."

Figure2:Operation in tablet-mode

Larger View
The FMV-U8240 UMPC is available with the latest operating system from Microsoft,
Windows Vista™ Business(2), enabling users to employ the same PC environment
when they are outside the office as when they are in the office. Its ultra-compact size
makes it easy to carry around at all times, and with a maximum battery life of up to 8
hours(3), users can catch up on e-mail, process documents, and do research
whenever they need to, without being tied to a desk. The 5.6" widescreen display
and keyboard with a 14-mm key pitch and 1.3mm keystroke ensure user-
friendliness. Moreover, since it can be used as a handheld tablet PC, users can edit
simple documents or perform other tasks on the go, thereby improving productivity
when outside the office.

Security measures against theft and information leaks are a serious concern with
any mobile PC. As part of the FMV family, the U Series comes with extensive security
features, including a security chip and fingerprint scanner. In addition, every aspect
of these machines, from design to manufacturing, is consistent with Fujitsu's
renowned "Made in Japan" quality.

With its combination of go-anywhere portability and ease of use, the new U Series
is expected to elicit strong demand as a popular second computer for users who
work away from a desk, such as salespeople, who always need to carry a PC in the
field for customer presentations, and repair technicians.

FMV-U8240: Features

1. Ultra-light, ultra-compact—world's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC
With a weight of 580g and thickness of 26.5mm, the FMV-U8240 is extremely light
and compact. A key pitch of 14mm and keystroke of 1.3mm, as well as a 5.6"
widescreen display (1,024 x 600 resolution) and touchscreen capability, however,
enables the flexibility to suit multiple work styles, including both desk-style keyboard
entry and pen input for presentations. In addition, it features a standard-equipped
keyboard light to make it easy to work even in the dark. Moreover, with a special port
replicator(4) it even supports an external keyboard and display, for a desktop-
equivalent environment.

2. Runs the latest Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office Version
The FMV-U8240 is available loaded with either Windows XP® Professional or
Windows Vista™ Business. To meet the needs of large enterprises, it also
supports Windows Vista™ Enterprise, which includes Windows® BitLocker™ Drive
Encryption, setup services, and other features.

Fujitsu offers a customized menu that can include, as a pre-installed option, the
latest Microsoft® Office products, Microsoft® Office Personal 2007 and Microsoft®
Office Personal 2007 with Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007, which feature
advanced tools as well as a new user interface that gives a greater sense of
directness, enabling greater productivity.

3. Robust security features
The FMV-U8240 comes standard with a fingerprint sensor for robust, convenient
personal authentication. Not only can the fingerprint stand in for a BIOS password, a
single authentication can take care of the Windows login and application logins as

Also included standard is Portshutter V2, which enables the PC's USB port or
recordable media drives to be disabled. With respect to the USB port, not only can it
be disabled but it can be configured only to accept administrator-approved devices.
Figure1:The FMV-U8240: The world's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC
Figure2:Operation in tablet-mode
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U UMPC 日本正式發表
在 IDF 2007 & WinHEC 亮相過的 Fujitsu UMPC 正式於日本發表
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U FMV-U8240
搭載 Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 最新行動運算平台
Intel A110 800MHz 處理器, Mobile Intel 945GU Express 晶片組
5.6" 1024x600 LED-backlit 寬比例旋轉螢幕
QWERTY 完整實體鍵盤, 2600/5200mAh 內藏鋰電池
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U FMV-U8240
提供 BTO 客製化選擇
最便宜的版本 WIN XP, 512MB RAM, 20GB HDD, 沒有無線網路 ~ 約台幣 40K
Vista Business, 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD, 802.11a/b/g, 大容量電池 ~ 約 53K
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U FMV-U8240
其他標準配備有安全晶片, 指紋辨識, 讀卡機
Audio I/O, 1xUSB 2.0, LAN&VGA 需要另購配件連接
尺寸 171x133x26.5~32mm, 重量 580g, 連續使用時間最長 8h

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U FMV-U8240,2000062982,20118069,00.htm
記者曠文溱/東京報導  16/05/2007     

事隔英特爾在北京IDF展發表行動網路裝置(MID, Mobile Internet Device)不到一個月,

搭載英特爾「Ultra Mobile Platform(代號為McCaslin)」,內含英特爾800 MHz的A110處

詳細規格和價格方面,FMV-U8240共有三個版本:搭載微軟Windows XP Pro版本者,倘
載微軟Windows Vista Business版本,及1GB記憶體者,日幣售價164,000元。


超級行動電腦(UMPC, Ultra-mobile PC)和MID均是由英特爾提出的產品,以力拓該公司

Windows作業系統;MID的螢幕尺寸介於四吋到七吋之間, 搭載英特爾低耗電處理器,
更大的突破是除了支援微軟Windows Vista作業系統外,也包括紅旗(Red flag)、Ubuntu

McCaslin最多為9.3瓦、平均則 只有1.95瓦;目前採用Dothan ULV處理器、915GMS北橋

MID顯然較吸引製造商的目光,目前所知包括了華碩(Asus)、富士通 (Fujitsu)、海
爾(Haier)、愛國者(Aigo)、宏達電 (HTC)、三星(Samsung)都即將在今年夏天


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