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2014-01-09: Norwalk: Jiao-Hua-Bang (叫花幫) Reunion
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Nice get-together among 6 couples, members of the so-called Jiao-Hua-Bang (叫花幫), started years ago at
the “White House” near USC where 5 young men, as poor graduate students, were pursuing their
respective graduate degrees, one in Chemical Engineering, one in Civil Engineering, one in Mechanical
Engineering and two in Electrical Engineering. The sixth young man was pursuing his graduate degree,
Mechanical Engineering, in Louisiana, and moved to Los Angeles afterward. The “White House”, an ancient
house at the time, painted white on the outside and infested with cockroaches, was the home for 4 of the
young men, with me living on the next street, who visited every now and then. As poor graduate students,
we would get together every now and then and each would bring over a dish or pot that he had cooked and
we would have a grand time eating and drinking and chatting and would in time jokingly call ourselves Jia-
Hua-Bang (叫花幫) and the name has stuck over the years. Having all retired except for one who still owns
his technology business, we’ve all done well in life and have started to enjoy life and this little get-together
at the buffet restaurant was a joyful reunion occasion.