Friends: Section 041:
2013-02-22: Cerritos: Jiao-Hua-Bang (叫花幫) Reunion
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2013-02-22: Jiao-Hua-Bang Reunion: There was a wonderful and joyful reunion (a nice
lunch followed by more conversations at the Cerritos home of Mike and Betty Chen) among
5 couples who have been friends since way back when they were young ladies and
gentlemen, with most of the gents (poor students at the time) then studying at the graduate
school (研究院) of USC (南加大) and informally calling themselves Jiao-Hua-Bang (叫花幫).
There are actually 6 couples (a total of 12 persons) in the group and two of them didn’t
show up today because they are visiting relatives in Taiwan right now. The gents were all
trained in engineering and from left to right in the group picture: Mike (EE, Electronics), Tim
(Chemical Engineering), Bill (EE, Electronics), Peter (Mechanical Engineering), James
(Mechanical Engineering). And George, who's not in the picture 'cause he's in Taiwan
visiting relatives at this time (Civil Engineering). Almost all engineering arenas are covered,