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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 based on
outstanding photography by my friend Dan Yuan, who became a professional
photographer when he retired from a distinguished career in engineering
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Dan Yuan fine art  Photography
Web Site
Dan Yuan is primarily a natural landscape photographer
based in Orange County, California, USA. He was born
and raised in Taiwan, and came to the United States to
acquire an advanced degree in engineering.
Throughout his studies and working career,
photography was a constant passion. After working for
many years as an engineer and learning about and
practicing fine art photography in his spare time, he
decided to retire and pursue photography full time.

Most nature photographers are drawn to the art of
photography because they are intrigued by the
elements of the world that awe and inspire them. Dan
has always been drawn to the beauty of nature, and he
thinks of his photographs as expressions of the visual
feast of the outdoor wilderness. For him, photography is
simply a means to capture the natural landscape at its

He works with 4x5 inch large-format film camera and a
digital camera. He hopes that when you view his
photographs, they will evoke the same feeling of
appreciation for the beauty in nature that he feels.

For more information and to see more of Dan Yuan’s
work, visit
Short resume of Dan Yuan