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2011-08-10: Joanne Peng: Hsu Bei Bei (續伯伯) in Canada (1997-09-03)
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Email from Joanne Peng (彭昭英)
The recent exchange between 三毛哥哥 and 毛頭哥哥 brought back many memories.

Somehow I too have been looking back, instead of looking forward (sigh, I am aging!!!)

I found in my file a letter from 續伯伯。這封信是續伯伯赴加拿大走訪二雄哥哥一家後,順到路過溫哥華,與姐姐昭芳會面的記錄。信中洋溢著續伯伯對


So much for tonight (this is the most of Chinese I have typed in one sitting!)

Happy reading and reminiscing!!!