Friends: Section 013
2007 Christmas Greetings from Debbie & Alex Cheng
From: Debbie & Alex Cheng
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 05:28:22 EST
Subject:  GREETINGS from Debbie & Alex

Dear relatives, classmates and close friends,

As 2007 winds down, Alex and I would like to wish you and your loved ones a
new year filled with good health and happiness.

Our family has been very blessed this year, with both good health and lots of
happy news.

First, on Mother's Day - May 13, 2007 Stacie, our older daughter, and our
son-in-law, Tom, became very proud parents to a lovely baby girl, a golden piglet,
Lila Hsueh-Rei Cheng Cole. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!  Her arrival
promoted us to grandparents!

Ever since then, Palo Alto , where Stacie lives, has been our favorite place to
visit. Lila now is able to sit and has been trying very hard to crawl; currently she
is using a frog-style 2-leg jump to move ahead, which sometimes ends up with
her landing on her face.  As biased grandparents, we find everything she does to
be amazing and adorable.

Also, Alex and I are happy to announce that Stephanie, our younger daughter, is
going to be married in January 2008 in Washington , DC .  She met her fiance, Mr.
Erik Huseby, at work.  He is originally from Minnesota and of Norwegian descent.  
A reception in Los Angeles will be held in March to introduce Erik to relatives and
close friends.  

Alex and I have been fully enjoying our retired life, which is surprisingly very
busy!  We spend our time with family, friends and classmates whenever there is
the chance, traveling when opportunities arise, playing tiny-stake Mahjong with
close friends, and doing volunteer work.  To improve the pictures I take on our
trips, I have become interested in learning more about photography.

Finally, besides our best wishes to you, we also would love to hear from you and
to see some of your photos.


Debbie & Alex Cheng
A very pleasant addition to the family in May, 2007 - Lila
A welcomed new family member in January, 2008 - Erik
The Cheng family Photo in December, 2006