David Hsu 徐永康 with Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao teachers 王鏡荷 and 張炳智
Reminiscences of Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao﹝ 竹師附小﹞: Page 56
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2009-09-25: David Hsu 徐永康 , Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao Alumnus, got in touch
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Emails from Dr. Chao-Ying Joanne Peng﹝彭昭英﹞, Indiana University
From: Joanne Peng
Sent: Friday, September 25, 2009 10:21 AM
To: Michael J. P. ; Bill Xiao Jun Lee ; Yaw-Tsong Lee ; Ted Lee
Subject: Re: 彭昭恆?

Dear Mr. Hsu:

Yes, I vaguely remember your face and your name. Thank you so much for sharing your photo with two teachers. Too bad that I
and my brother did not know that you were in Taiwan in early May because I returned to Taiwan during that period.

竹師附小 graduated a number  of very outstanding scholars. A website maintained by one of the Lee brothers (also lived on 中華
路, as our house is at 中華路481號) contains info on many of the alumni and alumna of 竹師附小 . http://www.aaapoe.net/index.
Most of them live in LA. I hope you join this vast network of Fu Shiao graduates. 劉敏敏's two younger sisters were classmates of
my second older brother (Chao-Ming) and myself. Her mother still lives in Taipei, not far from our home by Taipei Teaching

My own class has a website that unfortunately is not open to non-classmates.

My office phone number is 812-856-8337. I will be at this number between 4 and 7 pm (Indiana time). Talk with you later.  Thank
you again for your precious updates!!!


From: Joanne Peng [mailto:peng.cyj@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, September 25, 2009 7:58 AM
To: Hsu, David - CS; Michael J. P.
Subject: Re: 彭昭恆?

Dear Mr. Hsu:

Yes, 彭昭恆 is my oldest brother. Can you tell me a bit about yourself, such as which class you were in and where you are at right
now?  Thank you for tracking down on my brother and his little sister. Have a great weekend coming up.

--Joanne Peng
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From: Hsu, David
Date: 2009/9/25
Subject: RE: 彭昭恆?
To: Joanne Peng
Good morning, Joanne:

My name is 徐永康, I was in 節儉里 (4th, 5th, and part of 6th
grade), my elementary diploma was from Taipei 中正國小 .

When I lived in 新竹, our address is 中華路 406號—next to 歧
山醬油廠.  I think your house was also on中華路。

陳力彥and 力俊兄弟 walked with me to school every
morning, sometime your brother was also in the company.

Currently, we have 7 classmates in the LA area – 王琲, 董瑞
璽,李大永,都大剛,林敏雄,洪文祥, and myself.

We also met 夏大永’s sister once, she lives in Rowland

I went to Taiwan this last April, I paid a visit to 王鏡荷,張炳智
兩位老師 at 竹師附小 and met a Tao-Yuan restaurant with
classmates 王珊, 劉敏敏,黃美雲, 徐華, 辛玉蓉,黃秀光,王樂

My phone number at ITT communication systems is xxx-xxx-
xxxx. (Thousand Oaks, Ca).

I used to be a professor in the mathematics and computer
science department of California State University at LA.

I gradutated from NTU  EE department.    Your brother was
also in NTU.

What is your phone number? I can call you later this evening, if
you don’t mind.


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From: Hsu, David
Date: 2009/9/25
Subject: RE: 彭昭恆?
To: Joanne Peng
Hi, Joanne:

My name is 徐永康. I was in 節儉里 (4th, 5th, part 6th grade).

Attached is a photo taken with 王鏡荷, 張炳智兩位老師 on
5/01/2009 at 竹師附小。

I  am with ITT Communications systems in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Office phone number is  xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Let me know when is a good time to call you.


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From: Hsu, David
Date: 2009/9/24
Subject: RE: 彭昭恆?
To: Joanne Peng

Prof. Peng;

Do you have a brother named 彭昭恆?

David Hsu

Once in 竹師附小
Emails from David Hsu 徐永康