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Photos Captured by Yue-Che Wang (王玉麒) with His Father's Precious "Wester Autorol" Nishida Camera
Email from Yue-Che Wang about the precious camera and the photos it captured
Photos taken by Yue-Che Wang 王玉麒
(see photos below)
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From: Yue-Che Wang
To: Bill Lee
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007 1:05 AM
Subject: Re: photos in Vienna

Thanks Bill,

For your kind effort in putting the pictures in your website.  The two pictures taken by me are not of optimum quality.  Maybe I haven´t used that old camera for very
long time, or the modern developement technique is the reason for that.  It´s a "Wester autorol" camera of Nishida, with 120 film (6x6), and belonged to my father, who
bought it 1958 in Tokyo, when he was heading for USA.  About this time in 1966 I borrowed it from him and by a motorcycle accident it dropped down and was
defected.  I´ve never seen that camera again til my parents passed away 2002 & 2004.  Then I found it among their belongings.  The rangefinder could not be moved.  I
brought it with me to Vienna, and let it be repaired in a camera shop for € 60,00, about 9.990,00 Jap. Yen (my father bought it for 12.500,00 Y).  Now it´s in service only
for special cases, and the reunion with Chung-Bao was a very special case.  He´s the oldest friend of mine: his uncle was a classmate of my mother in 朝陽法學院 back
to 1940.  And the families were good friends in Chungking during the 2nd WW.

We have wonderful wheather here in these autumn days.  And I´m doing lot of things in my garden preparing for the cold winter days.  Among them cutting woods for
heating, and cleaning the falling leaves (remember that wonderful song of Nat King Cole?).  A goodnight sleep is the price I got for being a self made slave.

Two pictures of my country site, taken from the same camera.

Best regards

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