Reminiscences of Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao﹝ 竹師附小﹞: Page 24
彭媽媽開刀順利  Peng Ma Ma's Surgery Went Well   (Good news received from Gary Chou via Chao-Ying Joanne Peng)
2006-12-02 Email Message from Gary Chou 周希誠
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Date: Mar 7, 2007 6:18 AM
Subject: 彭媽媽開刀順利
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妳母親右股骨折,本日(2007.03.07)下午三點半 順利開刀完
畢,一切均安,勿念。現住 719 病房。本晚八點半後,可進


Take it easy, have a good day  

Peng Ma Ma
Micahael Peng
Gary Chou
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From: Joanne Peng
To: Yaw-Tsong Lee ; Ted Lee ; Bill Xiao Jun Lee

Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 8:38 PM
Subject: An updated picture of Peng Ma Ma

Dear Xiao Jun Ger Ger, Xiao Yuan Ger Ger, and
San Mao Ger Ger:

    Thank you very much for your care and
concern for my mom. On March 13th, three of
my elementary classmates had lunch with me
at the 101 Building near the Taipei Teaching
Hospital. Afterwards, we walked to the hospital
to visit my mom. One (the daughter of Dr.
Shiao-the optical doctor near the South Gate
Market) brought her daughter from Japan and
lots of her photos to show to my mom. My mom
was so excited. It was a historical moment and
day for all of us. Thought to drop you a note
about this mini-reunion and update you on
Peng Ma Ma's condition.

    This past Monday, she was evaluated by a
psychiatrist and passed the minimum score
that qualified her for a live-in helper. When I
received the news, I felt sad and relieved at the
same time. This definitely means that she has
entered into the next phase of aging. Time is
running out and I am reminded to cherish her
moment by moment!!!
Updated Pictures & Status of Peng Mama & Message from Chao-Ying Joanne Peng
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