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Subject: RE: Your writing "325 Senior Executive Club
成立十週年感言" added to the Abettera Website

Bill 伟宗兄,

Here is a "hello" from a friend from way back.

My name is
陈棠华(Chen Tang Hua) of 英勇里(Ying Yong Li) and my older sister is 陈棣华(Chen Di Hua)of 公正里(Gong Zheng Li).  In early October 2004 I participated in the
class reunion of
公正里 in Taipei.  Through the reunion and the ensuing activities I got reconnected with Robert Li.  Enjoyed reading all the emails and some of the articles.  
Been meaning to write to you for quite sometime, yet never did it.  Finally this morning I had a chance to visit your website and am very delighted to see all the old and new
pictures.  Since you are doing such a wonderful job in connecting people and sharing pictures, I thought I would contribute a few of my own and also hope we can reconnect
with more old classmates and friends.

1.    "1995 YingYongLi" was our class graduation picture.
2.    The top left picture of "1954 JrHi 1" was taken in the summer of 1954 on our wonderful one-week trip to Sun-Moon Lake with the Catholic Fathers
杜华, etc (Sorry I don't
have the software handy to do the cropping just now).  
李重宝(Robert Li) was on the left side of the picture and, if I am not mistaken, you are the second from the right.  Am I
3.    "1953 ZSFX YYL" are pictures, from top left clockwise,
王颖(Wang Yin), 郝翔(Hao Xiang, son of our beloved School Master 高梓校長), 曾师扬(John SY Cheng), 叶武男(Ye
Wu Nan),
潘再兴(Pan Zai Xing), 王昭男(Wang Zhao Nan).
4.    "Wang Yue-che 2": My ensemble of pictures of
王玉麒(Wang Yue-che)

I was particularly moved by your writing on
蒋木.    蒋木was two years senior to me in Chemistry Department in NTU.  When I entered NTU in 1961 she was the Class
Represenstative and coordinated the New Comer Welcoming party for our class.  Your description of her fits exactly of my memory of her.  Her brother
蒋林 was one year
junior to us. It was sad to learn of her passing away yet am happy to know that she was loved and is missed by so many.

The world is indeed very small.  In late 2004 one of my colleagues,
王愈进(Yugen Wang), mentioned in passing about his uncle writing an article about his teaching career
in Taiwan.  It turned out that Yugen's uncle was one and the same as
王以熾 who wrote the article "憶竹師附小與高梓校長 王以熾 (provided by Robert Li  李重寶)" .

Finally I am very much envious of the full lives my old schoolmates have been and are still enjoying.  

I particularly love the article "John CW Chou's writing on "325 Senior Executive Club
成立十週年感言" .  325 is such a wonderful concept that I shall hold it dear to my heart
and put it to practice daily.

T.H. Chen, Ph.D.
Chairman & CEO
ATL -Amperex Technology Limited
+852-9185-0133; +86-135-0921-8835; +1-408-504-9117
Email from TH Chen ﹝陈棠华﹞
1954 Ying Yong Li﹝英勇里﹞Graduation Photo
Junior High Photos: Sun Moon Lake Trip with Father Dow 杜神父 & 張神父
1954 Ying Yong Li﹝英勇里﹞Junior High Photo
1954 Ying Yong Li﹝英勇里﹞Junior High Photo
1954 Ying Yong Li﹝英勇里﹞Junior High Photo
1956 Qin Cao Hu
青草湖 Outing
1954 Ying Yong Li﹝英勇里﹞Junior High Photo
1954 Ying Yong Li﹝英勇里﹞Junior High Photo
Wang Yin 王颖
Hao Xiang 郝翔
Wang Zhao Nan  王昭男
Pan Zai Xing 潘再兴
Ye Wu Nan 葉武男
John SY Cheng 鄭师扬
NOTE: Photos below were provided by TH Chen 陈棠华
ATL (Amperex
Technology Limited)
Robert Li
Tang Hua Chen
Bill Lee
Tang Hua Chen
1954 Ying Yong Li﹝英勇里﹞Junior High Photo
1958 Summer Qin Cao Hu
青草湖 Outing
(Wang Zhao
(Jia Quan)
(Zhou Jain
TH Chen
(Wang Ying)
何尧轩 (He
Yao Xuan)
(Liu Qing
Hsu Shi
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