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Planned Reunion of Gong-Zheng Li﹝公正里﹞: Nov 6, 2006 at Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao﹝竹師附小﹞in Hsinchu﹝新竹﹞
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Several classmates in Gong-Zheng Li are planning a mini-reunion early November in Hsinchu.  Here is the info if you guys like to join.

Tom Hsu
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Email from Pauline Lau
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Pauline Lau
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Subject: Reunion 2007

Dear all:

The three of us, Spring-Spring Tsai, Phoenix Chen, and I have the following proposal for our REUNION 2006
Date and location:  November 6th, 2006 in our grade school, Hsinchu

Post reunion tour:  A sight-seeing train tour covering Nov 6 afternoon to Nov 9 evening.  Return to Taipei in the evening of Nov 9th:  You have two choices

Tour A - Taiwan east coast including Hua-lian, Tai-ru-ge, Tien-hsian,,,etc.  

Extended Tour A:  For those who wish to extend the tour for additional 2 days (return to Taipei in the evening of Nov 11), we will continue southward to cover the areas from
Hua-lian to Taitung including the famous hot spring resort at Chi-Hpen,

Tour B - Tour of Sun-moon lake, Pu-Li, Gu-Guan...etc

Please let me know as soon as possible:
1.  Is the reunion date Nov 6th agreeable with you?  (We picked the date due to the potential heavy traffic during the weekend).
2.  Do you prefer Tour A or B ?  If you choose Tour A, do you with to extend the tour to additional 2 days?

Based you the majority preferences, Spring-Spring (Chun-Chuan) Tsai will get a travel agency to provide us with a quatation on the total cost and provide you with the tour
itenerary and other arrangements.  You will be able to make the reservation from the travel agency later on:

1.  reserve a hotel room in Hsinchu for the evening of Nov 5th.
2.  Reserve the tour from the travel agent directly.

May I for your response by June 20 (next Friday)?  Thanks.

Dear John:  Please forward this email to other classmates not covered by this one.



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A reunion is currently planned to take place at Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao﹝竹師附小﹞on Nov 6, 2006 in Hsinchu﹝新竹﹞, as summarized in the following two e-mails by Pauline
Lau and Thomas Hsu, alumni o Gong-Zheng Li
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