Reminiscences of Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao﹝ 竹師附小﹞: Page 07
Paintings About Xinzhu ﹝新竹﹞ & Zhu-Shi-Fu-Xiao﹝ 竹師附小﹞
The following paintings were received from Tina Chow via Robert Li.
Painting: John Chou's Old House in Xinzhu (or Hsinchu)﹝周宗武家﹞  painted by 蔡國川
Painting: Tina Chow's Old House in Xinzhu (or Hsinchu)   painted by Tina Chow
Tina Chow wrote:
"We used to have lots of
my father's patients who
gave us chicken in lieu of
payments because he
didn't charge them when
they brought their kids to
the clinic for treatment and
because they were poor.  
We raised the chicken
right underneath my
grandmother's bedroom
window.  It was not really a
good place for them.  Later
on, they moved the chicken
to some other place. There
was a fence and a door
near the spot where those
chicken were shown, but I
didn't show them in the
painting.  I did the painting
in 1997  in water color."
Frog or Horse:  provided by Tina Chow
Being fond of horse and frog, Tina Chow
found this "Frog or Horse" animation GIF
file, which is hereby shared with all viewers.
Being a conductor of a choir in Houston, Texas, Tina Chow and members
of her choir (without anyone being a music major), having been practicing
twice a week, will perform with 10 other choirs on Dec 16, 2006 (Sat).
Painting: Xinzhu (or Hsinchu) Railroad Station ﹝新竹火車站﹞  painted by 蔡國川
The Bear Blessing:  received from Tina Chow

Wishing you     
In your busy life
Time for Relaxation
Good Sleep  
Good Health with Exercise
Someone to Dance With
a Bit of Adventure
Good Looks
But Most of All...

I Wish You Lots of Bear
And The Comforts of Real Love
Many Blessings...  

May you always have love to share,
health to spare, and friends that care.
But watch out for
those darn
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