2010-02-18~03-02: South
Africa Tour
Tours on Earth
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2006 Aug~Sep: Tour:
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
2006 May: South Utah Tour:
Part 1 ~ Part 5: Las Vegas,
Lake Powell, Arches
National Park
2006 May: Cruise: Monarch
of the Seas: Los Angeles
Port, San Diego, Catalina
Island, Ensenada (Mexico)
2006 April: China Tour
2005 Oct: China Tour
2005 Jun-Jul: Tour:
Vancouver & Canadian
2005 March: Tour: NY & US
2004 Oct: Tour: Bali,
2004 May: China Tour:
Silk Road
1999-09-19~10-03: China
Tour: Shanghai, Hangzhou,
Suzhou, Nanjing, Yangzhou,
Zhenjiang, Wuxi, Beijing, Xi’
an, Guilin, Guangzhou,
Hong Kong
1993-09-25~10-03: Trip to
Shanghai, Wenzhou
2006 Oct: Tour: Taiwan
2006 Nov: Cruise:
Mediterranean (Italy,
Greece, French Reviera)
2007 Jan: Tour:South Utah
Zion National Park, Bryce
Canyon, Snow Canyon, etc.
2007 Jan: Tour: Maui,
Hawaii (iao Valley,
Haleakala, Hana, Western
Shores, Southern Shores)
2007 Mar~Apr: China Tour:
Kuming, Dali, Lijiang in
Yunan; Guilin in Guangxi;
Shenzhen, Zhuhai,
Guangzhouin Guangdong;
2007 June: Mexico Tour:
Tucson, Northern Mexico
(including Copper Canyon)
2007 Aug ~ Sep:
Tour of Puerto Rico, Caribbean Cruise
2007 Sep ~ Oct: Russia
River Cruise (St.
Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev)
2007 December: Tour of Cambodia & Vietnam, with side trip
to Seoul, Korea
2008 February: Tour of London & Paris
2008 March: Tour of
Slovenia, Croatia with side
trips to Austria, Italy
2008 August: River Cruise:
Rhine and Mosel:
Switzerland, France,
Germany, Luxembour,
Netherlands, Belgium
2006 Feb: Tour: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Phuke
2008 Sep ~ Oct: Eastern
Mediterranean Cruise: on
Navigator of the Seas
2008 Oct ~ Nov: Japan Tour
2008 Nov: Taiwan Trip
2008 December: Cruise on Brilliance of the Seas:
Canary Islands, Portugal and Spain
2009 Feb 25~Mar 11: Tour
of Egypt and the Nile River
Apr 18 ~ May 03, 2009: Tour
of Turkey
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Aug 20 ~ Sep 07, 2009:
Scandinavia and the
Baltics: Cruise & Land
2009-10-11 ~ 18: White
Mountain National Forest,
New Hampshire, USA
2009-12-06 ~ 12-13: Peru
Tour: Lima, Cusco, Machu
Picchu, Inca Ruins, Puno,
Puno, Floating Islands of
Uros, Lake Titicaca,
Sillustani Royal Tombs, etc.
2009-12-17 ~ 12-25:
Danube Cruise
2010-01-15~01-23: Costa
Rica Tour: Tortuguero, La
Fortun de San Carlos, Baldi
Termae Hot Springs, Zip
Line, Arenal Volcano
National Park, Manuel
Antonio, White Water
Rafting, etc.
2010-03-17~03-30: Eastern
Europe Tour: Germany:
Berlin; Poland: Warsaw,
Krakow; Hungary:
Budapest; Slovakia:
Bratislava; Czech Republic:
2010-04-25~05-03: Kauai
Island, Hawaii: Days of
2010-06-01~06-18: China
Tour:Shanghai, Henan, Shanxi,
Beijing, Chengde, World Expo,
Iceland Tour
2010-12-10~12-23: Adriatic
Winter Cruise
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2010-10-01 ~ 2010-10-10:
NCL Cruise: Canada & New
England Cruise
2011 Tours
2011-01-23~29: Sedona
(Red Rock Country) and
Grand Canyon, Arizona
2011-02-24~03-06: Israel
2011 May-Jun: Tour of
Guatemala and Honduras
Tours on
2011-08-14~29: British Isles
Cruise on Crown Princess
2011-11-04~11-23: South
America Cruise on MS
2011-12-04~12-18: Orlando,
Florida and Western
Caribbean Cruise
2012 Tours
2012-01-06~01-25: Trip to Taiwan and Tour of Bali
Cruise: UAE (United Arab
Emirates) and Oman
Turkey Tour
Diamond Princess: Alaska
Diamond Princess: Alaska to
Far East Cruise
Land tour of China: Beijing
to Shanghai
2002-09-07~09-20 : China
Tour: East China
2002 Tours
Panama Canal Cruise
2013 Tours
2013-05-23~06-02: Balkans
Tour: Bulgaria, Serbia,
2001-09-11~09-25 : China
Tour: Northeast China,
2001 Tours
1984 December: Trip: Oahu,
1984 Tours
2013-10-14~10-20: Taiwan
2013-10-05~10-14: Tour of
2013-10-28~11-01: Bahamas
2013-11-01~11-08: Weston
Resort, Florida
2013-11-09~11-16: Southern
Caribbean Cruise
1995-09-03~09-09: Hawaii
Tour: Oahu, Maui, Big
Island, Oahu
1995 Tours
2014-01-28~02-01: Cruise:
West Coast: Short 4-day
cruise from LA Harbor to
Santa Barbara to Ensenada
and back to LA Harbor
2014-04-20~04-26: Tour of
2014 Tours
2014-11-29~12-06: Crown
Princess: Mexican Reviera
2015 Tours
2015-01-18 ~ 02-01:
Celebrity Millennium:
14-Night Gems of Asia
2015-03-11~03-31: M/S
Golden Princess: South
America Cruise
2015-04-10 ~ 04-12: Lake
Tahoe Tour
2015-04-15 ~ 04-19:
California Coast Tour
2015-07-04~07-20: M/S
Regal Princess: Scandinavia
and Russia Cruise
2015-09-15 ~ 09-19: 5-day
land tour of Eastern Canada
2015-09-21 ~ 10-02: New
England and Canada Cruise
on Caribbean Princess
2015-10-28 ~ 11-04: 8-day
tour of Shanxi (山西), China
2016-03-05~03-07: Pingtung
2016-03-17~18: Meifeng,
2016-03-17~18: Meifeng,
2016 Tours
Mediterranean Cruise
2016-09-25~10-05: Northern
Xinjiang Tour (北疆之旅)
2016-10-23~10-31: Germany-
Czech Republic-Austria Tour
2016-11-09~11-16: Enshi
Grand Canyon and 3
Gorges Tour-Cruise (恩施大
2017 Tours
2017-05-19~05-29: China
Tour: Lijiang, Daocheng,
Yading, etc.
2017 Jan ~ Mar: Local tours
in Northern Taiwan
2017-08-08~08-27: Grand
European River Cruise
2017-09-19~09-22: Tour of
2017-10-10: One-day tour of
Yilan, Taiwan (宜蘭一日遊)
2017-10-14~10-18: Sapphire
Princess: Japan cruise
2017-10-21~10-22: Sky
Lake Farm (天湖農園),
2017-10-26~10-29: Tour of
Okinawa, Japan