About AAAPOE    關於亞太世紀網站
The AAAPOE website will evolve over time
with full expectation that many potential
possibilities will develop in the course of

The AAAPOE mission is a relaxed
but purposeful pursuit in freedom
of values and meanings in life in
the world we call Earth.

Previously known as the abettera.net
website, the AAAPOE site retains many of
the original meanings attributed to the
Abettera name, as illustrated below.
The AAAPOE website serves as a
platform for doing many things, such

  • With "AAAPOE World", provide
    a platform for many possibilitie
    in the world.
  • With "AAAPOE Gardens",
    provide a platform for
    publishing writings, sharing
    photos and video clips, linking
    to friends' websites and
    achieving many other
  • Provide links to various
  • With "AAAPOE Villages"
    section, the World is a Village,
    many possibilities.
  • With "AAAPOE Campus"
    section, provide much info on
    lots of subjects.
  • With "Reserved 3" section,
    provide an easy path for future
The AAAPOE website currently
provides the following major sections:

click for overview:
Abettera could mean many things, such as:
a better era, a better age, a better ace, a
better act, a better advancement, a better
adventure, a better advice, a better advisor,
a better agenda, a better agent, a better
agreement, a better aim, a better all, a
better America, a better Asia, a better apex,
a better application, a better avenue, etc.

Or, Abettera simply means Abettera, or "A
Better A".
AAAPOE, which rhymes with and is
pronounced as "Apple", means simply
"Asia Americas Australia Pacific Ocean

When spelled backward, AAAPOE becomes
EOPAAA, which nicely means "Everlasting
Omnipresent Pacific rimmed by Asia,
Americas, Australia".
They say: "An Apple a day keeps the
doctor away!"

We say: "An AAAPOE a day keeps the
spirit up, up and away!"

                                                                Bill Lee
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